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Track every aspect of your workouts, from the weight lifted to the muscles targeted. Available on Android and iOS.

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Ever since I started teaching myself to code in 2017, I've been hooked on software development.


Now, I build apps all day, every day and I love it!

I've worked on my own apps, I've been a contractor working on other people's apps, and I've collaborated with the internet on a number of open source projects. I've been involved in every step of the mobile development pipeline and I've published several apps on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.

I'd be thrilled to talk about your idea for a mobile app and I guarantee I can build it faster (and for less money) than any of the other app companies you'll find on the internet.

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From idea to app...


Knowing your target audience and what their needs are is essential. We'll start by talking through the general idea, researching the competition, and sketching out a paper prototype.


User experience. Ease of use. Cleanliness.

An idea and it's technical implementation can only get you so far.

Based on our planning discussions, I'll work with you to design a complete user interface, including app screens, navigation animations, and icons/logos.


I'll use the newest tools in mobile app development to develop your app. We'll also chat frequently to iterate on and improve the final product.

Google's newest cross-platform development tool, Flutter, allows a single code base to work on both Android and iOS devices

Google's Firebase product provides scalable databases, user authentication, A/B testing tools, and a lot more


Open source projects make adapting to user needs and wants incredibly fast 


I'll help you release your app on the Android Play store and the iOS App store

Viewing usage statistics and running tests can be tricky. I'll show you how to do that too

If all goes well, I'll also provide continued maintenance and improvement services



About Me

I grew up in upstate New York and eventually went to Stony Brook University to study Biomedical Engineering. During my senior year I was indirectly introduced to computer programming and I've never looked back. Aside from developing mobile apps, I'm also a fan of electronics, Arduinos, and web development.

Away from the computer, I'm a fan of fitness and rugby (outside center for those of you familiar with the game). I snowboard and wakeboard when the weather is right and I road bike if I can find the time.